Friday, September 30, 2011

Callie Jamming - Part 2

One year later......She's still got it

Side Note: I had just given her a wipe to clean her sticky m&m hands. She made it part of her performance.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Easter Sunday

Easter just wouldn't be right in the Delaney house without multiple attempts to get cute Easter pictures. I thought this year would be easier since we were shooting for two of the family members instead of four. Not the case......

Carlysle is apparently training for some sort of stare down contest....

Or for the WWF

Honestly, this one gives me nightmares......of when she's 13.

Wait a minute, we are working towards a smile......

And it's gone again......

There it is.........with zero sarcasm

And Callie says, "I'm out"

Despite not getting the "perfect picture" (if that even exists), all I could think as I stared at these precious faces while flipping through the pictures is "God is so Good". These sweet little girls makes us laugh and pull our hair out on a daily basis. But what fun would it be if it were only one of those? We wouldn't have such good stories!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Carlysle's School Easter Egg Hunt

So this year they hid 6 golden eggs and the kids that found them got special prizes. competitive side kicked in, which I was previously unaware of it's existence, but I was determined to find one. I didn't.

This is my friend, Carrie. And if Callie had her choice this would be her momma.

See? This is what happens when I (her mother) takes Callie away from Miss Carrie. In fact, she made quite the scene at the Egg Hunt b/c Miss Carrie had the audacity to hold her own child and a child she was keeping. How dare she?

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Strawberry Picking

Joey and I took the girls to pick strawberries a few weeks ago. We all really enjoyed picking our own berries. Ok, that was a lie. We all really enjoyed eating them.

Carlysle put on her game face and picked berries until we said, "Ok, that's more".

And Callie? Well, she also put on her game face.

And ate............

And ate........until we said, "Ok, that's more."

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Christmas Morning

In looking back over our pictures from Christmas morning, we realized we didn't take many pictures of the girls opening presents. I think Joey and I were having too much fun helping the girls open their presents. Maybe next year we'll hire a photographer. :)

Carlysle opening her Zhu Zhu pets. It's the only thing she really wanted and talked about for months. And it saves us from having real hamsters. Still waiting for someone to invent a full size toy dog. One that can live in the backyard, run around and play with the kids and be a good guard dog but not require food/water and not urinate or poo all over the yard. Also, a cat with the same previously named wanted/unwanted functions would be equally cool.

She likes candy......a lot.

The next few pictures just make me giggle....if you know Callie you will too.
Notice a theme?

The girl likes to eat......but come on you don't get a belly like that just sittin around.

Sunday, January 09, 2011

Cookies for Santa

As the pictures below will show.....I really get into "the making cookies for Santa" process. The problem with this is that before we started.....I googled "Christmas Cookies". You know, just to get some cute ideas for our cookies.

Well, here is what you get when you do that.......

Which would be fine if I didn't then decide that they have to look like the above examples. And when you are decorating with someone who wants to make a blue snowman (that was Joey) and a 4 year old......

Let's just say that they didn't turn out like the pictures.

The Setup:

She looks pumped, doesn't she?

There we go. There's the forced smile that Mommy insisted she wear. :)

I just realized that we failed to take pictures of all the cookies we decorated.

Oh wait here's one picture: